Use it Again, Grow it or Throw it!

Our mission is to grow an eco platform with sustainable solutions for daily life with easily available items targeting single use products.

• Gifting

The single use gift bags, tissue paper and cards destined for the trash are now biodegradable and plantable. Use it again, grow it or throw it. 


• Tableware

One time use plastics just got an eco bunny make over to include stable and stylish products made from sugarcane, agave, and palm leaf. It's time to you to hop on these updates. 


• Agave Cups and Straws

Recyclable and reusable. Products naturally biodegrade after use in 6 weeks and fully decompose in 7 months. No plants are destroyed in the agave product making process. Cups and cutlery are made from leftover materials from tequila and agave nectar production.

NEW! Edible products, cups, and straws coming soon.