Charlotte’s Deluxe Fun Dining Brings an Eco-Friendly Twist with Recent Eco Bunny Partnership

Charlotte’s Deluxe Fun Dining Brings an Eco-Friendly Twist with Recent Eco Bunny Partnership

Deluxe Fun Dining, known for its reputation as a top restaurant in Charlotte, is always looking for new ways to impress guests and provide a memorable experience. In a recent move toward waste reduction, this favorite among Charlotte residents has partnered with Eco Bunny, a woman-owned brand committed to making eco-friendly choices easy with fun and innovative products. With this new partnership, Deluxe Fun Dining is offering Eco Bunny’s very own edible straws, bringing a biodegradable and flavorful twist to every meal and “Hoppy” Hour. 

Edible straws are one of the more recent biodegradable products made to combat plastic waste and support waste reduction, and there is simply no denying that they are beloved by people of all ages. Recyclable and reusable straws, like paper straws, have been growing in popularity as more people look for ways to incorporate green living practices into their daily lives–but edible straws offer the same benefits with a little extra flavor and flourish.  

Already, the edible straw advantage is clear to those who are drawn to paper straws. Paper straws, while eco-friendly and a wonderful step towards waste reduction, have notoriously been criticized for the experience they offer. When paper straws sit in a drink for too long, they degrade, turning into an unpleasant tube with a mushy texture. Although waste management recycling is important, so is structural integrity. Most people looking for eco-solutions do not want to ask for a second straw to finish their drink while clearing their plates. The edible advantage here is clear, and Eco Bunny’s vegan straws can even accommodate a variety of dietary preferences.  

For dining patrons, paper straws can sometimes mean an unpleasant end to a meal–or a pressing need to drink cocktails as quickly as possible, which most professionals advise against. Fortunately, with Eco Bunny edible straws, patrons can enjoy a delicious treat that softens over the course of 45 minutes, allowing anyone to experience a reasonable sipping experience with a tasty candy twist at the end. When the straws soften, diners can simply eat them or leave them without needing to worry about waste. Currently, Eco Bunny edibles straws are available in Mint Blast, Coffee Java, Choco Lust, Vanilla Crunch, Strawberry Rose, and Lime Pinch. 

Known for bringing unique experiences and celebrating freedom of expression, it is no surprise that Deluxe Fun Dining has chosen yet another opportunity to offer diners a flavor-packed drink option. Patrons are enjoying these straws in a variety of mediums, like their many signature cocktails. 

Eco Bunny straws can be added to any drink, be it a smoothie, tea, or cosmopolitan. To get the most out of Eco Bunny edible straws, patrons can even craft a cocktail to match them with Deluxe Fun Dining’s “I Don’t Know” cocktail, which encourages everyone to choose a spirit and a flavor combo for a personalized drink that suits their tastes.

With today’s guests, diners, and patrons leaning toward a more sustainable future, more businesses are adapting their business practices to match this interest. Hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, and retailers can all benefit from adopting these smaller changes, like offering edible straws to delight their guests and align with their values. 

Eco Bunny has hopped into the heart of Charlotte’s favorite restaurant and is poised to spring to more locations in North Carolina and beyond. Businesses looking to support the growing interest in green business practices will find that this one small hop toward sustainability can have a lasting impact on their customers and their bottom lines. Eco-friendly stores online are here to bring businesses around the world into a more sustainable future.

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